Assignment; Article Analysis

Rebecca Blood gives a sort of run through of blog history.

She compares how blogs were when they first started, around 1997, to how they are now (well, kind of now. The post was written in 2007). According to her research, at the start of 1999, there were exactly 23 know blogs, and it was easy to keep track of them. By the end of 1999, however, blogs caught on and suddenly there were thousands. It became hard to keep track of them all.

Brigitte Eaton described a blog as a “site consist of dated entries”. This definition changed as blogs became more common place. They were then described as: “a website that is updated frequently, with new material posted at the top of the page”.

When blogging first started, they were only for linking a particular site, and then adding commentary. After Blogger, a site that made blogging easier, a different format of no restrictions was introduced. Blogger made is so that people could post in journal form. They started writing down their thoughts, ideas, and what transpired in their life that day.

Blood point out that weblogs give the blogger (as well as the reader) the opportunity to voice his/her opinion on subjects that are happening in real life. In turn, this may lead to them having more confidence in not only their online persona, but also in real life. In addition to this, it gives both blogger and reader the power to make their own stance on things that they read and/or hear on TV. They are also given the option to question whether those facts are real and explain why they they so.

Thankfully, given time for the technology to develop, blogging became more accessible to readers. In 1997, when weblogs first started, the knowledge of being able to code HTML was needed in order to have a blog. It wasn’t until the middle of 1999 when sites such as Blogger, Pyra, Edit This Page, Velocinews, and Metafilter made blogging available to the ‘average Joe’.


Unfortunately, I was unable to read one of the other articles provided in its entirety. I did, however, start Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, The Serial, and The Narrative Archive. In this paper, Fitzpatrick “centers around the relationship between writing and the self as constructed through blogging”.


Pasta Salad; Family Recipe

My family isn’t one that has family recipes. Nothing was passed down through the generations, and the meals that my mom cooked weren’t meals that her great-great grandmother ate before her. Everything was pretty much researched (recipe finding in my family is big).

This recipe is one that wasn’t actually taken from a book, however. It is from my uncles’ girlfriend, who after a lot of experimenting, came up with this amazing pasta salad.



Tri-Colored Spiral Pasta

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Feta Cheese

Italian Dressing (my favorite to use is Newmans Own Family recipe)

Red Onion

Artichoke Hearts



Cook pasta according to directions on box. Drain, and rise with cold water to stop from cooking.

Cut the sun-dried tomatoes, red onion and artichoke hearts into smaller pieces.

In a large bowl, combine the pasta, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and red onion. Add Italian dressing, tasting before adding more. Lastly, add the feta cheese and mix.

Refrigerate for about 1 hour before eating for better taste.

Reflections; Bootcamp

These past two weeks have been pretty crazy.

This is my first semester as an English major, so I’m feeling a little like a freshman. All the books I have to read is crazy and great and overwhelming. It’s also making it hard to keep up with all the online stuff (this class in addition to 2 online courses; Public Relations and Topics: Contemporary Writers).

But I think I’ve been doing pretty good! I posted a lot the first week, and although I haven’t been posting recently, I do have post ideas and another category to add WITH content already written for that. It’s just the act of writing/posting.

I haven’t commented on any other blog posts yet, but I will right after I write this. I designated this time as ‘crack-down’ time to be filled with King Henry, the Buendias’ in Macondo, Colombia, Twisted Tendencies, Melinda’s quest to get back to who she used to be, and Grunig’s four models of public relations.

Everything has been going pretty smoothly in the blogging role. I set up my Feedly account, and am in the process of following everyone’s blog. That’s more time consuming than I expected it to be. I think I got my RSS thing up, but we’ll see in class on Tuesday.

I tried to use the other posting formats that Professor Morgan mentioned in class last week, but it didn’t really work. My Mr. Darcy post was supposed to be in the ‘quote’ format. When it didn’t work, I just used the standard format and used the blockquote tool in the toolbar. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out for future quotes.

I changed the theme of my blog. The penstrip one was cool, I liked the simplicity of it, but this current one feels more like me. The colors, the layout, and the look is me. That’s all I can really describe it as. The picture above my gravatar is one that I took this fall, and I feel that it really pulls everything together.

One thing that this new theme didn’t have was an ‘about me’ page. Professor Morgan said that I could add a page, and I did, but after previewing what the additional page looked like, I decided against it. Instead, I used the gravatar widget in the sidebar to add the about me there. I’m really liking the placement at the moment.

My goal for this next week is to post more, at least once a day. I’m going to get that new category up and then I’ll REALLY be posting. The new category will be fun to work with, as it’s something that I love to do. The pictures posted in the new category will also be my own, so stay tuned for that (:


Posts I’ve written before this reflection: Living in the Tundra, Jim & Pam, Shushed Passions, It Hurts To Breathe, Mr. Darcy, RSS, and Copyright and the CC Movement

Copyright and the CC Movement

According to WIPO, intellectual property (IP) is defined as “creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.”

I got the following information from the WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use. This handbook states that there are two main reasons for laws that protect intellectual property. One of these reasons is to give rights to people for their creations and to have a way to enforce them. The second reason is to “encourage fair trading” that would help economic and social development.

There are a couple of ways to protect your intellectual property. Two of these ways are automatic: copyright and Design Right, while three of them require an application: Trademark, Registered Design, and Patents.

In short, the Intellectual Property Law protects against infringement (Legal Resources). Thankfully for everyone who posts any sort of creative pieces, infringement will result in a case being taken to federal court.

In addition to the research that I did on the subject, I also read an article that was against the term”intellectual property”. This article written by Richard M. Stallman, titled Did you say “Intellectual Property”? It’s a Seductive Mirage, was pretty interesting. Stallman states “…fashionable to toss copyright, patents, and trademarks-three separate and different entities involving three separate and different sets of laws-plus a dozen other laws into one pot and call it ‘intellectual property'”. He feels that the copyright law, patent law, and trademark law were all different in regards to intellectual property and that, really, “there is no such thing as intellectual property”.

I don’t know how I feel about his comments. I mean, reading the articles from my sources (which include the United Kingdom Government,, and World Intellectual Property Foundation) intellectual property seems to be the bigger picture, while copyright, trademark, and patents are the different categories under it. It all pretty much as the same consequences (being sued) and is just different levels of protection your creative works, whether that be inventions, designs, or your words.


The license I used from the Creative Commons website is the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerviations 4.0 International License. The reason why I used this license is because on my blog, I will be posting a lot of original works (pieces from my book) and I don’t want anyone using those pieces in any way. It’s something that is very important to me, and when I want it shared, then I will share it myself.


So after a busy week of Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Laurie Halse Anderson, and The Business of Memory, I am finally getting to all things RSS, Feedly, blogrolls and copyrighting.

The life of an English major.


I don’t know if I did the RSS correctly. I saw it when I first set up my blog and put the widget on my page. I don’t know if that set it up automatically, or if I have to do more to get it working. I did set up a Feedly account, and I’ve just been copying the URL of the blogs in and following them that way, though. After reading WordPress – The Missing Manual, I don’t feel any more confidant. In fact, it convinced me that I messed up more than I originally thought.

Of course, that could be the migraine talking. I worked in the Admissions office all day and then preceded to get sick as soon as I got home. It hasn’t been the best day.

I’m going to keep working at it though. Hopefully after after reading the textbook a little more and emerging myself in everything weblogs I can figure it all out.


Is the RSS link supposed to open into a new tab with text? Or does it show something different for you guys?


Also, for the blogroll, what links did you guys set up? I kind of lost with that whole process as well.


Thank you, and I hope everything is going more smoothly for you all than it has been for me!

It Hurts To Breathe

I take a deep breath in, and immediately regret it. My lungs start to freeze, the ice constricting my airway. I feel my heart start to slow, thump, thump, thump……..thump, thump……..thump…………thump. My throat closes up as I grab at it, trying to get it to start working again. I’m looking around, desperately trying to find help, but the sea of people around me continue on, walking a little faster as the wind kicks up. I’m dying.

Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic, but if you walked outside around 9 am, then you know what I’m talking about. Everything about being outside hurts. I swear, it’s like I walk out my front door to be met with a punch in the face from someone I thought was my best friend. It’s the physical pain, along with the deep betrayal that the sight of the sun brings.

And I had the opportunity of working today, which was grrreeeaaattt. Really. Because walking around campus in -20 degree weather is my life’s dream. And of course people showed up for the campus preview, even when they looked at the prospected weather, because it’s Northern Minnesota and people are crazy.

Thankfully, I was the first one to volunteer to stand at Oak Hall and hold the door open for the tour groups coming by. For those of you who don’t know what Oak Hall is, it’s the largest freshman residence hall at Bemidji State University. It’s also heated.

Bright side though, it should be warming up this week, hopefully just in time for my tour on Friday.

Also, for those of you who have been keeping up with my posts, I have started watching The Office again…. so I’m back in the black hole.