The self-portrait was a hard assignment for me. How do I capture who I am in 3 blog posts? How do I capture the feelings that run through me when I see the beauty around me? How do express my love for life? My personality? Who I am below the surface that everyone see’s? My likes, my dislikes, my loves, my hates, my indifference’s?

Can 3 blog posts do that?

I believe I succeeded, if only to capture three things that represent me the most. You might not get a ton from those three things, but to me, in order to be happy and be the best person I could be, these three things are essential.

In the first self-portrait I posted, I expressed my love for books. As I mentioned, my reading got me through a lot of difficult times in my life, and helps me de-stress and free my mind, body, and soul. It makes me lighter, happier, and gives me the opportunity to travel to different places around the world. (my favorites include Washington, Scotland, and Ireland.)

In the second post, I mention my love (and necessity for) coffee. Of course, this may not be, or seem like, a self-portrait, but to me and those who know me, know that without it, I’m not me. I’m tired, not focused, and definitely not as friendly.

The last self portrait may be the most important to me. My faith, like my books, help me through a lot. Although, I’m not your traditional Lutheran Christian, which may rub wrong with a lot of people who read this. I believe in evolution full-heartily. Kind of hard not too with all the scientific evidence, and like many know, I was a biology major for 3 years and actually wanted to get my PhD in Evolutionary Biology. I also don’t really believe in the bible. Again, kind of hard to believe in a book written by human men during times where women weren’t equal. I also can’t believe in a God that wouldn’t accept people based on who they love or because they don’t feel right in their own skin. To me, if God made us how we are, doesn’t that mean he made some of us homosexual or transgender? And if he didn’t, what about forgiveness? As long as we don’t kill or be horrible people, don’t we all get to be happy? I do believe in God, don’t get me wrong. I believe in heaven and I believe that in order to get there, you have to be a good person. If you make mistakes, then wear them with pride and ask to be forgiven. Forgive, love, be kind, and live.

This post might cause some… conversation. And if you don’t believe in what I do, that’s totally fine. We’re supposed to have freedom of religion in the US right? At least, that’s whats in the constitution. And I may be naive, but it pains me that as must as we preach that we live in a free country, we are all judged for how we live, who we love, which version of God we believe in, or how we look.

This reflection turned into something I didn’t start out to write, but those are the best kinds of posts, right?


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