I’m not too sure about the wikis.

Once I updated the first Wiki Page (CollectiveWriting), I was a little more confident. I started to understand the way to make lists and headings and what not. By the last page, WikiTheWriting (which I wrote up from scratch), I felt like I knew what I was doing, even though I didn’t write as much as the previous two. The second page, WikisAsSocialNotebooks, was already pretty updated, it seems like the person who refactored it before me put a lot of work and effort in, so I just kind of did research and added what I thought would work with the direction she was going with the post.

WikiTheWriting is not done in the slightest. I did research on it, and really the only thing I found was an article from Writing Commons called Getting Started Writing on a Wiki which is actually an article about what Professor Morgan wrote for this course.

I think the more I work on it, the more normal it will seem and the more I’ll get a hang of it.


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