Tips for Staying Positive and Reducing Stress

This past week has been nothing short of hell. Between work, Student Senate, homework, and keeping a home, I’ve been losing my mind. Thankfully I have a boyfriend that knows exactly what to do to keep me from having a mental breakdown (he cleaned the whole house for me the other day).

In addition to having someone make things easier for me, there are a couple of things I make sure to do daily in order to keep my head.

1. Downtime

School and work are important, but so is your mind. Having downtime for just yourself gives you the break you need to be healthy mentally. Giving yourself time just to do whatever you want, gives you what you need to be more focused for your school work and etc..

Downtime can also be a reward for a busy week. Plan a movie or dinner date, read that book you’ve been meaning to get too, take a nap, whatever you want to do.

2. Keeping Up

Falling behind on what needs to be done can add even more stress.

Make a ‘to-do’ list. Write down everything that needs to get done (I like to have everything written down 2 weeks in advance). Marking off the items on the list can bring a sense of productivity, like you’re actually getting stuff done.

It’ll also reduce stress if you work in advance. If you have a paper due in 3 weeks, start on it when you’re not as busy. This will reduce the stress you’ll have when the deadline nears, and it’ll also keep you ahead of the game for a couple of days.

3. Attitude

Attitude is a big one. Obviously, it’s hard when it seems like everything is bearing down on you and you feel like your suffocating, but your outlook could make that feel seem worse than it is. If your feeling particularly low, look to the future. One this I do is think about what all this school work is going to lead me too. After graduation, I plan on traveling before graduate school, so I start to plan my trip. I look at restaurants I want to try, things I want to see, or places I want to go. I tell myself that all of this stress is to get me there.

Or I think about my future husband and kids. In order to have my dream house, to own 58 dogs (ok, maybe only 5), to be able to take awesome vacations, help provide for my family, help buy my parents something awesome in thanks for everything they have done for me, I need to graduate and get a good job. And in order to do that, I need to write this paper, or read this book, or ace this exam.



These are just three things that I do in order to make my life seem a little less crazy. I hope it works for you!

And please, if you have any suggestions, please comment below!


Jim & Pam

So for the past week, I’ve been addicted to watching The Office. With all 9 seasons on Netflix, it takes up a lot of my time.

And when I say that I’m ‘watching’ The Office, it just means that I skip through all of the episodes to watch Jim and Pam scenes.

I’m pathetic.

It’s not like I can stop, either. I’ve tried. two nights ago I watched Night Watch, one of my favorite TV shows on A&E, and then a 48 Hours episode that was immediately on after. And for 2 hours I wasn’t wasting my life away.

You see, by that time, I had already watched every scene from Season 4 to Season 9. I had even cried over some parts. And not pretty crying. Irrational ugly, snotty crying. I’m not proud of myself.

That all ended yesterday. My boyfriend left for the weekend to do some Crossfit Coaching thing in the cities, so finding myself home all alone with nothing to do, I turned to my good ol’ pal, Netflix. I tried to watch Brother Bear, How To Train Your Dragon 2, anything. But I couldn’t keep my attention on any of the story lines. Which doesn’t really sit well with me since those 2 movies are my absolute favorites.

Anyway. I started re-watching all the Jim and Pam scenes.

Personal victory though, I was able to watch scenes from Season 1 – Season 3. Pre-Season 4 Jim is possibly the cutest.