Reflections; Bootcamp

These past two weeks have been pretty crazy.

This is my first semester as an English major, so I’m feeling a little like a freshman. All the books I have to read is crazy and great and overwhelming. It’s also making it hard to keep up with all the online stuff (this class in addition to 2 online courses; Public Relations and Topics: Contemporary Writers).

But I think I’ve been doing pretty good! I posted a lot the first week, and although I haven’t been posting recently, I do have post ideas and another category to add WITH content already written for that. It’s just the act of writing/posting.

I haven’t commented on any other blog posts yet, but I will right after I write this. I designated this time as ‘crack-down’ time to be filled with King Henry, the Buendias’ in Macondo, Colombia, Twisted Tendencies, Melinda’s quest to get back to who she used to be, and Grunig’s four models of public relations.

Everything has been going pretty smoothly in the blogging role. I set up my Feedly account, and am in the process of following everyone’s blog. That’s more time consuming than I expected it to be. I think I got my RSS thing up, but we’ll see in class on Tuesday.

I tried to use the other posting formats that Professor Morgan mentioned in class last week, but it didn’t really work. My Mr. Darcy post was supposed to be in the ‘quote’ format. When it didn’t work, I just used the standard format and used the blockquote tool in the toolbar. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out for future quotes.

I changed the theme of my blog. The penstrip one was cool, I liked the simplicity of it, but this current one feels more like me. The colors, the layout, and the look is me. That’s all I can really describe it as. The picture above my gravatar is one that I took this fall, and I feel that it really pulls everything together.

One thing that this new theme didn’t have was an ‘about me’ page. Professor Morgan said that I could add a page, and I did, but after previewing what the additional page looked like, I decided against it. Instead, I used the gravatar widget in the sidebar to add the about me there. I’m really liking the placement at the moment.

My goal for this next week is to post more, at least once a day. I’m going to get that new category up and then I’ll REALLY be posting. The new category will be fun to work with, as it’s something that I love to do. The pictures posted in the new category will also be my own, so stay tuned for that (:


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