Jim & Pam

So for the past week, I’ve been addicted to watching The Office. With all 9 seasons on Netflix, it takes up a lot of my time.

And when I say that I’m ‘watching’ The Office, it just means that I skip through all of the episodes to watch Jim and Pam scenes.

I’m pathetic.

It’s not like I can stop, either. I’ve tried. two nights ago I watched Night Watch, one of my favorite TV shows on A&E, and then a 48 Hours episode that was immediately on after. And for 2 hours I wasn’t wasting my life away.

You see, by that time, I had already watched every scene from Season 4 to Season 9. I had even cried over some parts. And not pretty crying. Irrational ugly, snotty crying. I’m not proud of myself.

That all ended yesterday. My boyfriend left for the weekend to do some Crossfit Coaching thing in the cities, so finding myself home all alone with nothing to do, I turned to my good ol’ pal, Netflix. I tried to watch Brother Bear, How To Train Your Dragon 2, anything. But I couldn’t keep my attention on any of the story lines. Which doesn’t really sit well with me since those 2 movies are my absolute favorites.

Anyway. I started re-watching all the Jim and Pam scenes.

Personal victory though, I was able to watch scenes from Season 1 – Season 3. Pre-Season 4 Jim is possibly the cutest.