So after a busy week of Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Laurie Halse Anderson, and The Business of Memory, I am finally getting to all things RSS, Feedly, blogrolls and copyrighting.

The life of an English major.


I don’t know if I did the RSS correctly. I saw it when I first set up my blog and put the widget on my page. I don’t know if that set it up automatically, or if I have to do more to get it working. I did set up a Feedly account, and I’ve just been copying the URL of the blogs in and following them that way, though. After reading WordPress – The Missing Manual, I don’t feel any more confidant. In fact, it convinced me that I messed up more than I originally thought.

Of course, that could be the migraine talking. I worked in the Admissions office all day and then preceded to get sick as soon as I got home. It hasn’t been the best day.

I’m going to keep working at it though. Hopefully after after reading the textbook a little more and emerging myself in everything weblogs I can figure it all out.


Is the RSS link supposed to open into a new tab with text? Or does it show something different for you guys?


Also, for the blogroll, what links did you guys set up? I kind of lost with that whole process as well.


Thank you, and I hope everything is going more smoothly for you all than it has been for me!