Self-Portrait: 3


This bible verse is my favorite. It’s gotten me through many touch times, and I actually have it tattoo’d on my back.


Self-Portrait: 2

Picture it. It’s 8 am, people are calling asking questions they deem important, but are really stupid ones that could be found online with a quick search, and I have to smile and pretend like everything is okay and that I am happy to be at work.

Now imagine that scenario with me not running on coffee.


I’m not a morning person. I never have been, and I shutter to think that I will never be. It takes two cups of coffee to make me human enough to function. And forget having a conversation with me if I’m running too late to make coffee (which, unfortunately, happens a little too often). I’m zoned out, can focus, and am basically a walking zombie. If your not careful, I might even eat your brains.

Self-Portrait: 1

So I was little confused on the whole self portrait thing. What exactly is a self-Portrait in the sense that Professor Morgan is asking? Do I upload a couple of pictures from my life that I feel capture who I really am? Do I post a piece of my writing where I lay my heart out on the line? Do I just find things on the internet that I enjoy?

I didn’t know where to start, what to share, what I wanted people to know about me, what I did want people to know about me…

The first object, I guess, in this little mini series of self-Portraits is pictured below.


Found on Pintrest

I know I’ve already talked about it (a lot) and it’s probably something everyone who’s ever met me knows, but books. If I could pick just one thing that could tell you who I am, it would be books.

I have a growing collection, and my dream house as a walk in library in it. Screw the walk-in closet that most girls dream of- my clothes end up on the floor most of the time anyways.

My love for books goes back years. Reading has always been something I was really good at- I was at a 12th grade reading level by the time I was in 4th grade.

It was also something that got me away from the bullies in elementary school, the family drama in middle school, and the stress of high school. A lot of the times books were the only thing helping me hold on.

I can loose myself in a book as soon as I open it. Everyone in my family knows that if I have a book in my hand, I’m probably not going to listen to was word that is said to me. They also know that I always travel with at least 3 books in my purse, whether it’s just going to the grocery store, work, or running errands.

And don’t even get me started on the feeling I get when I buy books. It’s IMG_3088like falling in love. It’s like standing on the edge of something that can change your life forever. There’s butterflies, knots and twists, excitement, anxiety, absolute joy.


If there is one thing I’m addicted to it’s books.